Stucco Renovations Calgary

House after 2Stucco Renovations Calgary

Stucco, skillfully applied, totally transforms and breathes new life into a dated house with faded and cracked siding. It is the most effective thing you can do, structurally, together with renewing the roof and windows, to weatherproof the outside of your home, especially in our unique Alberta climate.

House with new roof and new stucco – note the scaffolding because this house was done in the Fall and as stucco needs good weather to ‘cure’, I am finishing it in Spring.

To my mind a house finished with stucco, applied correctly, is quite beautiful. It is a job that needs to be done professionally and there should be no ‘dimples’ where the staples holding the tar-paper or wire ‘show through’ in the finish.

Stucco half doneHouse above, halfway stucco’d, showing ‘before’ and ‘during’ stages…

The acrylic finish coat should be smooth and comes in a range of colours. This is a job that should be done when there is no chance of freezing weather as frost can cause the finish to crack within the first few years. During hot dry weather the stucco needs to be ‘watered’ once or twice while it’s drying too, again to prevent later cracking.

A good first step is to sketch out your plans, adding approximate dimensions and take a couple of photos (perhaps with your phone). Explain your goals and the project, briefly. This way I can take a look at what you want, check my availability and we can have a conversation about the options available to achieve the results you want.

I should also be able to give you an approximate cost.

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