Calgary Ceramic Tiling – Wall & Floor Renovation

Calgary Ceramic Tiling – Wall & Floor Renovation


There is nothing more waterproof and washable, more hardwearing, more practical or more beautiful than ceramic tile, for wall or floor renovation. It’s also surprisingly affordable!

Backsplashes around vanities, kitchen sinks, counters and bathtubs are a must and not only finish your project with style but keep the rest of your bathroom or kitchen project dry and clean. Call or email me to discuss your plans.

Here, larger tiles create a useful shelf behind the bath…

Ceramic floors are practical, hardwearing and beautiful. Proper grouting and waterproofing are necessary and with a little care will keep your bathroom or kitchen project looking like new for years to come.

Ceramic walls and floors often require more than one day for installation as the tiles should be dry before they are grouted. Large areas should be done a few rows at a time to ensure a completely flat, straight finish.

The most ordinary little foyer can be transformed with the addition of a few tiles which, provided the tiles are durable and have been set properly, can withstand the hardest wear and tear.

Here the entire foyer gleams as the steps themselves have been tiled.

Laminate Flooring

There is nothing so lovely as a wooden floor and today’s wood laminates are a perfect combination of durability, warmth and sophisticated good looks.  Wood floors are becoming very popular as carpet harbours dust and allergens and laminate floors are the answer for the health-conscious among us.

In historic buildings, walls are sometimes finished with beautiful wood and a few decades ago, walls were often lined with wallpaper or a thin ‘hardboard’ wood finish. Drywall and plaster is now smoother and flatter and paints are much more hardwearing than they were before and a lighter, brighter, painted finish is more popular on walls than board. Beautifully designed wallpaper is still popular although, now because it is less common and higher quality, very expensive.

Depending on the size of the area to be laminated, installation will likely just take one day.

A good first step is to sketch out your plans, adding dimensions and take a couple of photos (perhaps with your phone) of the existing space. Explain your project briefly. This way I can take a look at what you want and make sure that it’s a good fit with my skills.

After I have read your email I can let you know what my availability is and we can have a conversation about the options available to achieve the results you want, including the finish.

I should also be able to give you an approximate cost.

Here is a kitchen splash back and tiled window ledge.

For all of your tiling needs, I invite you to email or call me, Ben, on 587-575-9113 and get your project underway!